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File a Provisional South African Patent Online

A patent protects ideas, concepts and inventions and it refers to a monopoly right that provides this protection. It is

issued by the South African Patents Office to prevent inventions from being copied and/or reproduced. The document

that describes the invention is referred to as a patent specification. It describes the invention in detail and outlines the

specific features of the invention that enjoy protection.

There are two routes to filing a Patent in South Africa

1) Provisional South African Patent:

The first route involves filing a provisional patent specification before a complete patent specification.

Upon the filing of the South African provisional patent specification, the patentee is given 12 months before he or she has to lodge

the complete patent specification.

This route is often followed where a patentee has a concept that is not in its final form.

In the 12-month period, he or she has time to finalise the invention and amend the provisional patent specification to produce the

complete patent specification.

During these 12 months you can also freely discuss the idea with investors, see the commercial potential of the idea etc. before

incurring further costs regarding the patenting process.

Please note that after the 12 months have passed from the filing of the provisional patent specification, a complete patent

specification must be filed in order to obtain the full rights of a patentee.

2) Complete South African Patent:

The second route involves filing a complete patent specification in the first instance or otherwise 12 months after filing

for a provisional patent specification.

This is usually recommended to inventors who have their invention in a form which is ready to be manufactured and

ready to enter the market or want to a “granted patent” therefore needing to file a complete after filing a provisional

within the 12 months.

* Please note that the following online application is for the submission of all documentation and information needed for De Beer

Attorneys Inc to draft a South African Patent Application for your invention/concept. Upon receipt of the required documentation

and information, De Beer Attorneys Inc will begin drafting your application and will email you same for your review and/or

comment prior to filing the application with the South African Patents Office.

Kindly fill out the De Beer Attorneys Inc New Client Form here.

Once payment is made, we will proceed to draft the patent application. *Please note that the submitted patent application has not yet been filed and will be sent to De Beer Attorneys Inc for drafting the relevant patent application. We will then send you the drafted application (once drafted) and will file the application pending receipt of your comments and further instructions to do so.  Accordingly, ideally, no non- confidential disclosure should be made until the application has actually been filed as such a disclosure may invalidate the patent. Confidentiality: We confirm that all information received from yourselves will be held in confidence and that we will not use or disclose any information received to third parties (apart from the South African Patents Office for submission who will also keep the documents and information submitted secret).